Jonathan + Paige

What do you get when you mix a ridiculously adorable couple with the most beautiful, boho details, a winter blizzard and the stomach flu?

One of the most beautiful days we have ever witnessed.

How can a blizzard and the stomach flu be beautiful, you ask? They weren’t. There were tears and heartbreak. But the immense joy and love for each other, and for God, that was displayed on this day, outshines all the other details.

Paige and Jon will celebrate one year together this month, the perfect time to revisit their winter wedding day.


The day before was 70 degrees. The morning of the wedding we all woke up to a blizzard with wind gusts that were ripping our goose-neck lights off the front of the barn. But the lights laying in the yard were the least of our concerns. Our poor bride arrived in tears after barely being able to walk up to the building in the white-out conditions, and hearing her groom had gotten the stomach flu in the night. There was a heaviness to the start of the day that made me realize one of the only things we could do to help was to pray. We don’t take the privilege or opportunity lightly. I don’t think I ever told Paige and Jon this, but we called on several of our key prayer warriors who prayed us through the entire construction project, and asked them to pray over Paige and Jon’s day. Strangers who will never get to meet them prayed specifically for our sweet bride and groom.

I’m reminded of the song lyrics…”Holy Spirit, you are welcome here, come flood this space…”

There are no other words for what happened this day than those. The Holy Spirit made himself at home in the barn.

Tears turned to small smiles and it wasn’t long into the morning that a joy rose up in this place that was indescribable. Even these pictures will reveal it.


If these dresses don’t make all your boho wedding dreams come true, I don’t know what does.


Forest green, burgundy, plum, dark brown, cream, mustard. Paige, you killed the color palette.

And then there was her Hayley Paige dress.


Tell us about some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them.

“I LOVED the boho peacock chairs we rented for our head table! I also loved the amber glasses our head table used. My mom and grandma spend weeks thrifting to find enough glasses. Our alter is also one of my favorite details. Our florist used the barn's circle alter and covered it in fresh greenery, specifically eucalyptus. We honored my husband's best friend who passed away by reserving a chair for him in the front row and that was also really special.”


What was your wedding inspiration?

“When we were engaged, I loved searching on Junebug Weddings. I actually found a lot of inspiration by looking at my favorite interior designers and photographers on Instagram.”


Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?

“Oh, YES. First of all, it was a blizzard, which I suppose we were kind of expecting. Thankfully, most people were able to make it, but it did stop some from driving. My husband also got the stomach flu the morning of the wedding which was really tough. We had planned to host a breakfast with prayer and worship before even going to the barn and had some friends we really wanted to share the Gospel with, and we didn't get to have that. Jon was running on very little sleep and was throwing up throughout most of the morning up until the ceremony. I think God used the weather and sickness to teach me a really valuable lesson about control. At the time it was soul-crushing but it was still the best day ever and I think it reminded us what was most important - we were getting married!”


The white-out conditions stopped just in time for the ceremony, for guests to safely arrive and for them to capture some outdoor shots.


What ended up being your favorite part of the day?

Jon: My favorite part of the day was the ceremony itself, which I didn't expect. It was so amazing and surreal to finally be there in the moment where all the plans culminated.

Paige: The ceremony was also really special for me! I loved looking around and seeing all of the people that we loved. We got to serve communion to our guests which was so meaningful. Of course we loved our dance party, too!


Any advice for those couples planning their wedding now?

Jon: My advice would definitely be to keep your attention where it belongs in the planning process. It's easy to get swept away by ideas, expectations, and plans, but the most important thing is the love you bring to each other! Keep the plans simple, you're celebrating a relationship.

Paige: I definitely agree with Jon. I wouldn't call myself a "bridezilla," but I definitely stressed more than I needed to about some of the wedding details and it stole my joy. I think creating boundaries is important. Set aside a few days a week to wedding plan, and then ignore the emails the rest of the time. It will lower your stress and make your spouse feel valued!


What was the one memory of your day that you want to freeze in time and never forget?

Jon: I have so much of that day frozen in my memory, but one of my favorite moments was sitting with my new wife in front of a room full of people who love us while they chatted and ate. The atmosphere was so warm and beautiful.

Paige: Right after the ceremony! It was something that wasn't planned and I hadn't thought about. We ran out and up to the bridal suite with our bridal party. Everyone was cheering and relieved and just hanging out. It was so surreal.


The stomach flu didn’t stop this guy from dancing his heart out with his bride. Best dance party ever. And such an answer to prayer after the way this day started.

God is good. And that’s completely evident as you look at these two celebrating their beautiful day together.

Jon & Paige, thank you for giving us the privilege of being a small part of your wedding day. A few circumstances of your day could have led you to discouragement and defeat, but instead, the love and joy that exuded from you both was evidence of something greater in you. Your wedding day is such an example to the world that when the blizzard and stomach flu hits, and life’s plans and expectations aren’t what you thought, hope and joy can still be found. God is writing a beautiful story with your marriage.

Happy 1st Anniversary this month! We hope you are still dancing your hearts out with each other.


The Vendor Team

Ceremony + Reception: The Barn at Grace Hill @thebarnatgracehill

Photo: Liz Rudman Photography @lizrudman

Video: John Stambaugh @johnstambaugh

Florals: @becca.eliz

Event Planning: Couture Ever After @coutureeverafter

Rentals: Something Borrowed Event Planning and Rentals @somethingborrowedks

Cake: Nice Bites Bakery @nicebitesbakery

Dress: Hayley Paige @misshayleypaige from Rhylan Lang Bridal @rhylanlangbridal

Hair: @conlee.arpin

Makeup: @beautycallmakeup